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a. The act or process of motivating: the coach's effective motivation of her players.
b. The state of being motivated; having a desire or willingness to act: students with a high level of motivation.
2. Something that motivates; an inducement, reason, or goal: "If your primary motivation in life is to be moral, you don't become an artist" (Mary Gordon).

mo′ti·va′tion·al adj.
mo′ti·va′tion·al·ly adv.


in a motivational manner
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The late positive potential (LPP) component, a positive wave with a central-parietal scalp distribution, is highly sensitive to motivationally relevant stimuli, and is considered to reflect motivational engagement and allocation of attentional resources (Pedersen & Larson, 2016; Schupp et al.
1) It is a way of interacting that stimulates others intellectually and motivationally to reach their goals and often achieve more than they initially believed possible.
The key aspect of these lies is that people treat (or search for) evidence in a motivationally biased way.
But here the motivational power is infused only by the addition of a further, self-regarding normative judgment: without it, the original other-regarding normative judgment is motivationally inert.
We plan the training and what I want and then I think emotionally about what I want from the group and how, motivationally, I go about that to peak for the game.
We started four years ago with the goal of one million people to feed, but with your help, we aim to reach 5 million this year; a thing that will happen with your help," Henedy motivationally asks people to help.
Assessing whether someone will do the job is more complicated and depends on how good you are at decoding what drives each person motivationally.
Motivational internalism is the thesis that captures the commonplace thought that moral judgments are necessarily motivationally efficacious.
Besides, such a concept of deliberation has been considered too rationalistic and thin to be motivationally efficacious, as it tends to exclude emotional talk, storytelling and other forms of communication capable of arousing emotions and processes of identification and empathy (Abizadeh, 2007).
His individual-level values theory was mainly summarized as ten motivationally distinct value types and the latest more narrowly refined 19 value types, two higher-order dimensions, four guiding principles, and several instruments (i.
Being motivationally challenged can be an advantage.