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tr.v. mo·ti·vat·ed, mo·ti·vat·ing, mo·ti·vates
1. To provide with an incentive or a reason for doing something; impel: What motivated you to get a new job? Their criticism is motivated by jealousy.
2. To cause to be enthusiastic: The coach motivated his players with an inspiring pep talk.

mo′ti·va′tor n.
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Noun1.motivator - a positive motivational influencemotivator - a positive motivational influence  
rational motive - a motive that can be defended by reasoning or logical argument
dynamic, moral force - an efficient incentive; "they hoped it would act as a spiritual dynamic on all churches"
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William Hill: 4-9 Motivator, 4-1 Starcraft, 10-1 Oratorio, 16-1 Diamond Green, 25-1 Altieri, 50-1 Hazyview, Hurricane Alan.
FRANKIE DETTORI insisted on Tuesday that Coral-Eclipse favourite Motivator will "have to be at his best" if he is going to lower the colours of Shamardal at Sandown on Saturday.
Ecstatic Newmarket trainer Michael Bell is considering the Coral-Eclipse as well as the Budweiser Irish Derby for Motivator after the colt's runaway success in the Vodafone Derby.
Long (2014), however, believed personal abilities/self-realization as the prime motivator for entrepreneurship decisions.
It's because curiosity is a lead-in to a motivator, not a parallel motivator.
When Mr Motivator was on TV in the 1980s I then would sometimes do the exercises he showed after breakfast, then, as always, I would cycle to work.
Teck Coal operates some of the largest coal mines in North America and uses a mining or shovel motivator for mobile power.
DERBY hero Motivator, sire of recent Prix de l'Opera winner Ridasiyna, will relocate from the Royal Studs to Haras du Quesnay in Normandy next season.
FITNESS guru Mr Motivator helped power cash-strapped Brummies through a financial fitness workout.
She will be following in the footsteps of GMTV's Mr Motivator, Derrick Evans, in the 90s.
See Boyer and Cockriel (1998) for the complete survey, including all motivator and barrier items.