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n. pl. mo·ti·vi·ties
The power of moving or causing motion.


the power of moving or of initiating motion


(moʊˈtɪv ɪ ti)

the power of initiating or producing motion.
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Noun1.motivity - the power or ability to movemotivity - the power or ability to move  
mobility - the quality of moving freely
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Key variables' characteristics is that they have high motivity and are very dependent, they might disturb the system's normal behavior, have high instability and must continuously bear the change of the system towards an optimal level (Garza and Cortez, 2011).
Before launching Motivity Solutions, the founders started, grew and eventually sold a retail mortgage banking company--the seventh largest FHA lender in the country from 2003 to 2004.
He adds that Black Knight's recent acquisitions of eLynx and Motivity Solutions have helped a little, but "it's mostly all been organic through share gains from winning more clients.
Cooley advised Black Knight Financial Services, a leading provider of technology, data and analytics across the mortgage loan lifecycle, on its acquisition of mortgage business intelligence software company Motivity Solutions.
In Benin, the minister of family affairs has commissioned a study of violence to evaluate the scale and motivity of violence against women in the country.
In nowadays situation, innovation is becoming the most powerful motivity which will make the industry of design keep moving.
Sold all the machines on our stand by the end of the second day, including 4 special curve surface sanders and some precision processing centers' Know wish we had brought more to the show," says Zhu Yaguang, President, Qingdao New Motivity Woodworking Machinery Co.
Most recently it touted guidance and control technologies, which it calls Motivity, that power a "build-a-bot" that can maneuver autonomously through places as complicated as a doctor's office without the need of lines of the floor or reflective markers on the walls to keep it oriented.
This paper argues that goals are typically rational (functional, successful, effective) when they satisfy a set of rationality criteria for individual goals, namely precision, evaluability, attainability (approachability), and motivity (Edvardsson and Hansson 2005).
Sendgraff's Motivity Dance Company can be seen today at venues in the San Francisco Bay Area.
ca) is president of Motivity, a company that specializes in helping managers acquire and apply the skills, tools and processes they need to achieve their goals.