motley collection

mot´ley col`lec´tion

n.1.A collection of objects of various kinds; a hodgepodge; a medley; a confused mixture; an omnium gatherum.
References in classic literature ?
There were a couple of forms, notched and cut and inked all over; a small deal desk perched on four legs, at which no doubt the master sat; a few dog's-eared books upon a high shelf; and beside them a motley collection of peg-tops, balls, kites, fishing-lines, marbles, half-eaten apples, and other confiscated property of idle urchins.
The windows are, for the same reason, sufficiently diversified in appearance, being ornamented with every variety of common blind and curtain that can easily be imagined; while every doorway is blocked up, and rendered nearly impassable, by a motley collection of children and porter pots of all sizes, from the baby in arms and the half-pint pot, to the full-grown girl and half-gallon can.
The Prime Minister's weakness was illustrated yet again when she was forced to call off the deal because it had been vetoed by the DUP's Arlene Foster, backed by a motley collection of her own followers and hard-line English Brexiteers like Iain Duncan Smith and Jacob Rees-Mogg.
At first, I saw Wanderlust as just a motley collection of stories with no running thread.
But what has changed is how this significance has taken on rabid overtones with a motley collection of right-wing groups anointing themselves as cow protection vigilantes and tearing into the secular fabric of India with impunity.
The only air station in the area was at East Fortune, more than 20 miles away, which was home to a motley collection of obsolete aircraft, like the pre-war Avro 504.
The only evidence of the disaster was a motley collection of ripped clothing and headgear floating on the water.
Has the time come when it might behoove us to hitch our wagon, philosophically speaking, to the galaxy as a whole rather than to our run-of-the-mill star and its motley collection of planets (much as we love them)?
The very diversity of the book, however, is a limitation, for no concluding chapter pulls the motley collection of essays together to provide a definitive argument or insight regarding diasporas and mission in the twenty-first century.
I remember those days very well, because as a puny teenager surrounded by a motley collection of equally puny teenagers, you had to keep your wits about you in an atmosphere tinged with violence.
But the motley collection of laws to be announced at the State Opening of Parliament owes more to electoral expediency than to the good government of Britain.