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 (mō′tə-no͝or′ŏn′, -nyo͝or′-)
A motor neuron.

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(Anatomy) anatomy an efferent nerve cell; motor neuron
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mo′tor neu`ron

or motoneuron

a nerve cell that conducts impulses to a muscle, gland, or other effector.
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Noun1.motoneuron - a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cordmotoneuron - a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cord
nerve cell, neuron - a cell that is specialized to conduct nerve impulses
efferent, efferent nerve, motor nerve - a nerve that conveys impulses toward or to muscles or glands
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Previous studies have shown that motoneuron degeneration in the spinal cord following injury is mediated by apoptosis evolved in association with oxidative stress, possible due to trophic factor deprivation, as well as by activation of death receptors (Wiberg et al., 2017).
In a review, Behm (2004) further explains that a preceding contraction could provide improved central adjustments via motoneuron excitation from both supraspinal and afferent input.
Early and selective loss of neuromuscular synapse subtypes with low sprouting competence in motoneuron diseases.
Yaser al-Ghoul said Abu Sablah sustained fragmentation to his jawbone and the left side of his face, in addition to damage to the motoneuron and the sensational nerve in the face.
H reflex is homologous to the monosynaptic reflex in the spinal cord, (62) which enables us to investigate the motoneuron activity in the spinal cord in humans in an awake state.
Mechanism(s) responsible for incomplete voluntary muscle activation is uncertain, but joint afferent information altering motoneuron drive at spinal or supraspinal levels may be principal causes.
The result is mini muscles that can be contracted by motoneuron activation or direct electrical stimulation.
LTF, as a kind of plasticity of respiratory motoneuron activity, has many forms including phrenic nerve activity LTF (pLTF), hypoglossal nerve activity LTF (hLTF), ventilation LTF (vLTF), and sensory LTF (sLTF) [3].
It was demonstrated that the repetition of stimulations decreased the H-reflex amplitude [17] due to a smaller neurotransmitter amount available at the Ia afferent-alpha motoneuron synapse [16].
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