motor aphasia

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Noun1.motor aphasia - aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impairedmotor aphasia - aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired
aphasia - inability to use or understand language (spoken or written) because of a brain lesion
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Twenty-three days later she is discharged from the hospital with neuromotor deficits including distal upper and lower extremity spasticity, as well as motor aphasia. With poor functional prognosis, she is prescribed Phenytoin as anticonvulsant therapy, Citicoline for neuroprotection, physical therapy, and a referral to neurology for follow-up.
Tumours in the frontal lobe may result in apathy, disinhibition, euphoria, depression, dementia, lack of concern, poor judgement, disorientation, poor attention and concentration, personality changes, weakness of contralateral limbs, motor aphasia, and urinary incontinence.
On POD2, she exhibited mild speech disturbance, which worsened day by day finally resulting in complete motor aphasia on POD6.
Aphasia testing conducted at that point showed moderate transcortical motor aphasia with moderate apraxia of speech.
The subsequent course was slowly favorable, with improvement of the asymmetric motor deficit (MRC 2/5 upper right limb, MRC 3/5 lower right limb), and persistence of speech disorder (motor aphasia).
Here, we are reporting a case of acute ischemic stroke in a young female patient of TA who presented to us with weakness of the right half of body with motor aphasia.
Neurological examination showed incomplete motor aphasia, right central facial palsy, and right-sided hemiparesis, with 4 of 5 muscle strength.
After stroke, the patient presented sequelae of right hemiparesis, motor aphasia and late-onset seizures, without evidence of cognitive impairment (normal Mini Mental State Examination score).