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Noun1.motor cortex - the cortical area that influences motor movements
cortical area, cortical region - any of various regions of the cerebral cortex
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Taking in to account all these antecedents, the objective of the present study was to identify the possible changes induced by MSDB in the total cell counting of GFAP and non-GFAP cells, along different areas including motor cortices of the rat brain and to describe whether these changes were different between male and female groups, comparing all data with control groups.
One hypothesis posits that mirror movements occur because of abnormally uncrossed corticospinal fibers originating in primary motor cortices (M1) (23).
And the analysis of the internal dynamics of the controller provided the computational evidence for the dynamical system hypothesis of the neural coding in motor cortices during movement generation.
first reported that spontaneous low-frequency (0.01-0.08 Hz) fluctuations (LFFs) in fMRI were highly synchronous between the right and left primary motor cortices at rest [10].
Sensory and motor cortices are in communication and cooperation with each other in the regulation of movement; in other words, there is a sensory-motor integration (SMI).
In this study, a significant increase of the phase synchronization index was found in the beta frequency band between contralateral primary motor cortices, which suggested a significant role for synchronization in the organization and regulation of elbow extension movement within the contralateral primary motor cortex when the antagonist muscle prefatigued.
Auditory cortex (hearing) -- motor cortex (movement) Auditory cortex (hearing) -- supplementary motor cortices (movement) Auditory cortex (hearing) -- anterior cingulate (salience network) Frontal eye field (vision) -- anterior cingulate (salience network) Frontal eye field (vision) -- anterior insula (salience network) Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex -- temporoparietal junction
Neurons in these mice's motor cortices sprouted new dendritic spines, docking sites where other neurons can connect, Gan's team found.