motor court

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motor court

A motel, especially one with units arranged around a central space.



a hotel for motorists, typically having rooms adjacent to a parking area.
[1920–25, Amer.;b. motor and hotel]

Motor court

Motel, also see Tourist court.
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The 200-acre University Park master planned community is contemplated to consist of several villages containing a variety of housing products, including attached townhouses, multi-family, alley loaded units, cluster motor court homes, conventional small lot single family detached residential.
The co-op has a private motor court, basement storage, swimming pool, tennis court, squash courts, dining room and guest rooms.
Surrounded by mature landscaping and towering trees, the two-storey home is reached by a long driveway that terminates at a motor court.
The place had been vacant for 10 years, she said, but the motel's Facebook page declares that "modern luxuries and vintage-inspired design merge with mid-century roadside motor court cool.
995m through agent Jade Mills, who says: "The home offers a stately presence and exquisite kerb appeal with double iron gates leading onto a large brick motor court and elegant facade.
OAKRIDGE - Several afternoons a week, Bernice Goad and a few friends gather at her home in the Oak Hill Motor Court to play cards.
There's also a parking-lot-sized motor court with a central fountain at the front, a secondary rear motor court for garage access, and a tennis court tucked out of view in a sylvan corner of the estate.
The other, public guest entry drive leads from Sanderling Road into a motor court flanked with Buddha belly bamboo and Bismarck, triangle and royal palms.
There are also guest cottages, a caretaker's apartment, motor court and three-car garage.
Springfield officials plan a roadside park featuring a replica filling station, relocated motor court cottage, Birthplace of Route 66 sculpture and a replica of the "Giant Hamburg" sign from Red's, which closed in 1984.
Nearby was Farrar's Motor Court, still active in the 1960s.
He sets The Spy Who Loved Me somewhere between Glens Falls and Lake George, in the Dreamy Pines Motor Court, where our heroine tries to hold off but is unable to escape the thugs until James Bond shows up.