motor court

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motor court

A motel, especially one with units arranged around a central space.



a hotel for motorists, typically having rooms adjacent to a parking area.
[1920–25, Amer.;b. motor and hotel]

Motor court

Motel, also see Tourist court.
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Tenants have a valet option in front of the building, a motor court dubbed the "infinity loop.
The other, public guest entry drive leads from Sanderling Road into a motor court flanked with Buddha belly bamboo and Bismarck, triangle and royal palms.
Upon rounding the three-tiered fountain in the circular driveway and first seeing the grand and welcoming motor court, one begins to understand that no expense was spared during the construction of this incredible residence.
There are also guest cottages, a caretaker's apartment, motor court and three-car garage.
Springfield officials plan a roadside park featuring a replica filling station, relocated motor court cottage, Birthplace of Route 66 sculpture and a replica of the "Giant Hamburg" sign from Red's, which closed in 1984.
Nearby was Farrar's Motor Court, still active in the 1960s.
He sets The Spy Who Loved Me somewhere between Glens Falls and Lake George, in the Dreamy Pines Motor Court, where our heroine tries to hold off but is unable to escape the thugs until James Bond shows up.
The compact, but expensively-equipped center island kitchen has a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows which look out on the front motor court, a double-wide fridge-freezer, stacked double ovens, and a two-seat snack counter.
5 acres and has a 12,000-square-foot motor court and 7,000 square feet of loggias, garaging and a guest house.
And a motor court that ensures security and privacy.
During the past 15 years, the criminal prosecutor-turned-hotelier has revamped several Texas properties ranging from an old motor court in Marfa to a Victorian manor 480 miles to the east, in Austin.
On the eve of the wedding, the groom's parents entertained the wedding party, family, and friends with an outdoor Low County shrimp boil at the Seaside Motor Court Co-hosting the dinner under a canopy of white lights was Barbara Biedenharn.