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Noun1.motor hotel - a hotel for motoristsmotor hotel - a hotel for motorists; provides direct access from rooms to parking area
hotel - a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services
motel - a motor hotel
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The company's first property, the Twin Bridges Marriott, opened in 1957 and was a four-story motor hotel in Arlington, Virginia.
So a motel is a motor hotel, brunch is a combo of breakfast and lunch, and a labradoodle is a Labrador retriever/poodle mix.
This one is alternately called a muintel, a hotel, a business hotel, a motor hotel, a drive-in hotel and a motel.
As a prosecutor, Levitz handled some high-profile cases, including the Warren House murders, where drug dealer Anthony Grandison ordered the murder of two witnesses at the Warren House Motor Hotel in Pikesville.
They are: the water pump, in Bayley Lane, city centre, Foresters public house, Raglan Street, Hillfields, Motor Hotel public house, Dorset Road, Radford, 9 North Avenue, in Stoke, 8 Stivichall Croft, in Styvechale and the drinking fountain, in Top Green.
In 1961, after studying architecture in college, Isadore Sharp opened the Four Seasons Motor Hotel in downtown Toronto.
The meeting then moved to the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium at Courtland and Gilmer Streets in 1944 followed by the move to the new Atlanta Marriott Motor Hotel in 1966.
He and his family also built the Village Green Motor Hotel in Cottage Grove in 1960 and the Valley River Inn in Eugene in 1973.
motor hotel coast Back on the boat, we travelled along the Italian coastline to Recco, the culinary capital of Liguria, to learn about the famous cheese focaccia, which we ate in the restaurant Da Lino.
Executive vice president Robin Herko and retail specialist David Scotto brokered the deal between Nyack Motor Hotel Inc.
Similarly, the motel (or "motor hotel") business created by and for the car does tens of billions of dollars in sales annually while the $120 billion fast food industry began on Southern California highways and continues to do most of its business via the drive-thru.