motor memory

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Noun1.motor memory - your memory for motor skills
long-term memory, LTM - your general store of remembered information
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Making notes on new memory information being acquired is helpful in the future, but also engages visual and motor memory in the act of noting down reminders.
Senior author of the study, Marc Roig had already demonstrated that exercise helps consolidate muscle or motor memory. This time, they sought to discover was what went on in the brain, as the mind and the muscles interacted and what was it that helped the body retain motor skills.
The cerebellum is a brain region involved in different neural processes, including fine motor control, sensorimotor learning, and motor memory consolidation [1, 2].
Aducovschi (2007) considers that "in school, by practicing a certain form of dace, the following objectives are aimed: achievement of optimal general physical education, training motor memory, learning and consolidating choreographies, teaching motor expressivity, training emotional factors, self-control, development of rhythm and spatial-temporal orientation."
"This demonstrated a direct causal link between the electric activity pattern of sleep spindles and the process of motor memory consolidation." Frohlich said.
In addition, acute exercise improves motor memory and skill acquisition (20).
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If the synapse is not called upon it will eventually atrophy and the network will be broken; the motor memory or information will be forgotten.