motor neuron

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motor neuron

A neuron that conveys impulses from the central nervous system to a muscle, gland, or other effector tissue.
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mo′tor neu`ron

or motoneuron

a nerve cell that conducts impulses to a muscle, gland, or other effector.
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motor neuron

(or motoneuron) A nerve cell that carries messages from the central nervous system to a muscle or gland. See efferent.
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Noun1.motor neuron - a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cordmotor neuron - a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cord
nerve cell, neuron - a cell that is specialized to conduct nerve impulses
efferent, efferent nerve, motor nerve - a nerve that conveys impulses toward or to muscles or glands
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mo·tor neu·ron

n. neurona motora, células nerviosas que conducen impulsos que inician las contracciones musculares.
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A series of experiments that may provide hope for patients, the researchers showed this was exactly the case: rescuing expression of Stathmin2 rescued motor neuron growth.
[sup][3],[4] An electromyography (EMG) examination can be used to detect subclinical involvement of lower motor neurons (LMNs), which is diagnostically most useful in the presence of upper motor neuron (UMN) signs within the same territory.
There are only few investigations on the locations of motor neuron somata of radial nerve or its branches,[15],[8],[9],[10],[1] [16],[12],[13] and [2] and there is some disagreement concerning their distribution.
And experts know that motor neurons need testosterone for survival and repair, and men who are born without the ability to use testosterone in the normal way develop a form of motor neuron degeneration.
In the current year, the special focus is on soliciting research on gene-environment interactions as a risk factor in ALS (a fatal disease of unknown etiology marked by the progressive degeneration of motor neurons) in order to stimulate much-needed research in this area.
It contains the motor neuron cell bodies for the CT arranged peripherally, surrounding cell bodies for the PCA located centrally.
All neurons have a fiber-like projection called an axon, and those of motor neurons can be extremely long--over a meter--as they have to stretch from the spinal cord to the muscles of the arms and legs.
However, motor neurons can become damaged in motor neuron disease or following spinal cord injuries, causing permanent loss of muscle function resulting in paralysis
The spirulina-fed ALS mice showed reduced inflammatory markers and motor neuron degeneration over that period.
The researchers replaced the segment of the poliovirus genome that recognizes the interior of a motor neuron and starts replication.
They traced stem cells as they matured into motor neurons, which are the type of nerve cells that control muscle movement.
So it's unlikely that those methods recreate human motor neuron development."