motor unit

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mo′tor u′nit

a motor neuron and the muscle fibers innervated by its axon.
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Patterns of motor unit recruitment can be determined using surface EMG.
It has been shown that frequency of stimulation increases force production by increasing the specific tension on each individual motor unit [6-7], which may also increase the risk for contraction-induced muscle injury [12].
Resistance training affects motor units of the body which leads to special adaptation [2].
Electromyogram power spectra frequencies associated with motor unit recruitment strategies // Journal of Applied Physiology.--United States, 1990.
Typical repetition rate of muscle motor unit firing is about 7-20HZ, depending on the size of muscle.
The very small duration, low amplitude motor unit potentials with the very low amplitude early recruitment pattern observed only over proximal muscles and the absence of any form of spontaneous activity 3 weeks after the onset of weakness seem to be the characteristic EMG changes that correlated well with the clinical picture.
Their control needle EMG studies also showed their improvement with a full recruitment pattern and reinnervation of motor units.
A repeat laryngeal EMG identified fibrillation potentials at rest and no motor unit activation on attempted phonation.
Although this would assure a fast movement, it would involve less than maximum motor unit involvement.
The lift consists of an upholstered swivel seat with two foldable armrests mounted to a motor unit. The seat can be swiveled at the top of the stairs to obtain a safer mounting and dismounting position for the user.
in addition, tempo running mimics the pattern of muscle motor unit recruitment during actual competition.
Tenders are invited for repair work of 60 hp motor unit i changing the bearing of unit ii and removing the silt at 4 well in sithaiyapuram pumping station
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