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Noun1.motorcycle cop - a policeman who rides a motorcycle (and who checks the speeds of motorists)motorcycle cop - a policeman who rides a motorcycle (and who checks the speeds of motorists)
police officer, policeman, officer - a member of a police force; "it was an accident, officer"
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Alice, 56, stood by her husband following allegations made by a married motorcycle cop that he was a sex pest.
In the United States once, two Filipinos speeding on a highway were stopped by a motorcycle cop. Asked for his license, the driver explained that he was rushing his sick friend to hospital.
When lifelong Pocatellan Billie Johnson was young, she wanted to be a motorcycle cop. It was the time of the TV show CHiPs.
Zipper, the character I play, was a retired motorcycle cop whos working security on movie sets.
SAN FRANCISCO, United States -- Google playfully posted a photo of a motorcycle cop pulling over one of its self-driving cars on Thursday for riding along at a cautious pace.
Still, a complication, in the form of a dead body, threatens to derail those plans, while creating an awkward alliance among a boozing detective (Colin Farrell, somewhat playing against type), a brooding highway-patrol motorcycle cop (Taylor Kitsch) and a sheriff's detective (Rachel McAdams), each of whom sports a constipated look indicative of a painful past, a personal secret, a bad attitude or some combination of all three.
A Eugene motorcycle cop who had pulled over a driver for allegedly texting while driving was injured Tuesday morning when another driver - who may have been texting while driving - struck him from behind, police said.
"I'd always wanted to live there, ever since I first watched (US motorcycle cop show) CHiPs as a kid," laughed Thomas, who fi-nally emigrated to LA four years ago to direct such hit programmes as CSI:NY, Hawaii Five-O and the Dennis Quaid Sin City-set thriller Vegas.
Foremost are Special Agent Will Trent, a terrific, intuitive cop now working undercover, who has overcome what is described as a Dickensian childhood (he has that in common with several other characters here); his significant other, Sara Linton, a pediatric attending physician and former medical examiner in Atlanta, still dealing with the death of her husband, the partner of detective Lena Adams, five years before; Sara's stepson Jared Long, a motorcycle cop with Macon PD; and Jared's wife, the aforementioned Lena Adams.
According to the research, the motorcycle cop whose radio was transmitting was not where the investigators believed him to be when they did their tests, but was actually more than two miles away in a place where his radio could not have picked up the sound of gunshots.
On the road out of Calais I saw a motorcycle cop coming up fast in my mirror and expected the worst.
A motorcycle cop was stunned to see four men, including the driver, splashing about in the open-top BMW.

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