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(Linguistics) linguistics a person skilled in recognizing vocal changes caused by muscular tension
1. (Linguistics) linguistics pertaining to the ability to recognize vocal changes due to muscular tension
2. (Music, other) music having a repetitive rhythm suggestive of mechanical movement
3. pertaining to motion


(ˈmoʊ tər)

1. a comparatively small and powerful engine, esp. an internal-combustion engine in an automobile, motorboat, or the like.
2. any self-powered vehicle.
3. something that imparts motion, esp. a contrivance, as a steam engine, that receives and modifies energy from some natural source in order to utilize it in driving machinery.
4. a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
5. pertaining to or operated by a motor.
6. of, by, or for motor vehicles.
7. designed for motorists: a motor inn.
8. causing or producing motion.
9. conveying an impulse that results or tends to result in motion: a motor nerve cell.
10. of, pertaining to, or involving muscular movement: a motor response.
11. to ride in an automobile; drive.
12. to drive or transport by car.
[1580–90; < Latin mōtor mover =mō- (variant s. of movēre to move) + -tor -tor]
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Comparison of symptoms of delirium across various motoric subtypes.
Only the first stage consists of a sensory input during the transition from the text to a phonological code to a semantic code to an iconic code to a motoric code.
These included visual, spatial, verbal, semantic, and motoric skills.
"Our challenge solution could be used by doctors to analyze a patient's recorded movement data for diagnostic or rehabilitation purposes, such as detecting motoric problems or to track the patient's recovery progress.
The researchers believe that drawing led to better memory when compared with other study techniques because it incorporated multiple ways of representing the information--visual, spatial, verbal, semantic and motoric.
The researchers believe that drawing led to better memory when compared with other study techniques because it incorporated multiple ways of representing the information -- visual, spatial, verbal, semantic and motoric. As part of the studies, the researchers also compared different types of memory techniques in aiding retention of a set of words, in a group of undergraduate students and a group of senior citizens.
Some tools, such as the Delirium Motoric Checklist and the Motor Subtype Scale, assess only motor symptoms associated with delirium.
Analysis of the Effect of Technique-Related Plyometric Exercises on the Motoric Properties of Wrestlers.
Determined differences in motoric abilities among adolescents from Montenegro and Kosovo could be due to the differences in curricula and programs in physical education and different settings for teaching.
This technique of interface connects dj sniff's self-described "motoric skills" to the performance, helping his music to become "very physical and very gestural" (Lippit 2010).
The research tested the efficacy of AstroRx in inhibiting the progress of ALS in animal models, and found the treatment to significantly improve the sick animals' motoric ability and their life expectancy.