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Adj.1.motorised - equipped with a motor or motors; "a motorized wheelchair"
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Also incorporated are a Hiltron HMAM motorised antenna mount and Hiltron ACU antenna control unit covering the whole receivable arc.
Contract notice: Motorised light covers in a theatre hall.
WITH more vehicles than that in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata put together, Delhi's clogged roads have for long been a bastion of cars, two-wheelers, buses and other motorised vehicles.
First Cymru says his motorised wheelchair is incompatible with the smart new coaches it bought for the X25 service from Ammanford to Swansea, although he can take his other wheelchair on the vehicles.
Holywell-based Multi-Sat sells and installs motorised and fixed digital satellite dishes across North and mid Wales and the North West of England.
A BRITISH pilot has completed what is believed to be a record flight in a motorised glider that took him halfway around the world to New Zealand.
Yet, during my Boxing Day jog, I nearly got run over on the pavement several times by kids on their new motorised bikes
Police have warned parents they take the problem of children riding motorised scooters seriously and will act to stop them.
Disabled people are demanding a law change to enable bus and train companies to carry their motorised scooters.
The traffic police claim that this will shrink road space for motorised vehicles.
Motorised scooter user Dorothy Tunstall is appalled she cannot use some train services.