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Adj.1.motorised - equipped with a motor or motors; "a motorized wheelchair"
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India, March 31 -- Oppo introduced the motorised camera mechanism with its Find X smartphone, which was innovative.
I have personally lost count of the number of times I have had a brush with death as I darted away from a bodaboda that came from nowhere.Inasmuch as Pikipikis are motorised traffic, one would expect riders to obey traffic rules like the other road users.
Focussing and magnification control must be motorised and the device should be supplied with all required controllers for operation footprint: no larger than 1m in length, 30cm in diameter minimum working distance: 2m optical magnification: 1 - 100 zoom capability (motorised) focussing: motorised resolution: T438423524.html
Made up of a 3.7m antenna, a Hiltron HMAM motorised antenna mount and HACU controller, the downlink system can be used as a Ku-band link receiving video and audio data from multiple sources.
The law prohibiting motorised vehicles on beaches does not include wheelchairs, manual or electric, the head of the central beaches committee, Angelos Georgiou said on Wednesday.
The newly installed system consists of seven fixed 2.4 metre Ku band receive-antennas, a 3.7 metre C band fixed downlink plus a motorised 3.7 metre receive-antenna with a four-port C/Ku band feed.
It features a motorised up/down, twin-translating table to allow taller patients greater comfort when placing the head against the head/chin rest.
It was unusual for motorised transport at this time.
Shrinkage of area under water, siltation, and decrease in fish fauna, encroachment, water pollution, use of motorised boats and above all unplanned management are major threats to the ecosystem of Chilika.
The motorised blinds can be adjusted at the touch of a button from up to 20 metres away, which means they can be operated from an armchair or bed.
Extremely comfortable, easy-to-use, accurate and durable are the main features of the new ergonomic, motorised pipette, recently introduced by Gilson.
WITH more vehicles than that in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata put together, Delhi's clogged roads have for long been a bastion of cars, two-wheelers, buses and other motorised vehicles.