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motte 1

also mott  (mŏt)
n. Texas
A copse or small stand of trees on a prairie.

[American Spanish mata, from Spanish, shrub, probably from Late Latin matta, mat; see mat1.]

motte 2

A flat-topped mound of earth, often made artificially in the Middle Ages, on which was built a wooden or stone defensive structure.

[From French, from Old French mote, mound; see moat.]


(Historical Terms) history a natural or man-made mound on which a castle was erected
[C14: see moat]


a mound surmounted by a tower, which together with a bailey comprised an early Norman castle.
[1885–90; < French: mound; see moat]
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The excavation has shown that when a castle was first built by the Normans in or just before 1069, the motte, with its defensive ditch, was enormous.
The word motte is Old French and translates as 'mound,' so the Strathgryfe earthwork was possibly one of hundreds of motte-and-bailey strongholds erected by warlike French Normans following their invasion of England in 1066 and subsequent expansion into Scotland.
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Before joining CNA Hardy, Motte held senior management roles at Swiss RE and Deloitte, and Mohr served as chief risk officer, most recently at Dare Holdings.
A motte and bailey castle was made up of a motte (or mound) which was topped with a wooden or stone 'keep' structure.
Recognized as a top producer, de la Motte brings with her exceptional south-of-the-highway properties valued at $40 million.
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In this splendidly well-informed, thought-provoking, and readable book, Warren Motte continues the exploration of the (post)modern French novel that he undertook in such exemplary works as Play-texts: Ludics in Contemporary Literature, Small Worlds: Minimalism in Contemporary French Literature, and Fables of the Novel: French Fiction Since 1990.
Castell Aberlleiniog, near Llangoed, is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and Anglesey's only example of a 'motte and bailey' castle.