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tr.v. mot·tled, mot·tling, mot·tles
To mark with spots or blotches of different shades or colors.
1. A spot or blotch of color.
2. A variegated pattern, as on marble.

[Probably back-formation from motley.]

mot′tler n.


1. a paintbrush used to achieve a mottled effect
2. a person employed to make something appear mottled
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He added, "27 destroyed Kalashnikov rifle, M4 rifle, Bour Saeid , a Glock gun, a Mottler device, a camera, and a number of identities, documents and marriage contracts, issued by Daesh."/ End
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Meanwhile, three Arkansas companies received Silver Quill awards from the IABC District 2 competition: The Thompson Group, an advertising, marketing and public relations firm, for a Denver civic campaign; Janice Drennan, Tracy Dorathy and Mike Mottler for their work on UAMS Journal; and Stanley Whitbey for work on the Arkansas Children's Hospital's Web site.