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also mouf·flon  (mo͞of′lŏn′)
n. pl. mouflon or mou·flons also moufflon or mouf·flons
A small wild sheep (Ovis orientalis syn. O. gmelini) native to southwestern Asia and islands of the Mediterranean, having a brown coat and, in the male, a white patch on the back and curved horns.

[French, alteration of Italian dialectal muvrone, from Late Latin mufrō, mufrōn-.]
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Noun1.moufflon - wild mountain sheep of Corsica and Sardiniamoufflon - wild mountain sheep of Corsica and Sardinia
genus Ovis, Ovis - sheep
mountain sheep - any wild sheep inhabiting mountainous regions
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Giraffes, monkeys, meerkats, crocodiles, kangaroos, albino wallabies, moufflon, white lions, tigers and all sorts of venomous snakes (eek
Cyprus Airways has sold its moufflon logo and airline branding for e1/41.
The Andorrans, a fine collection of mountain beef, left an early imprint on the Cypriot pack, which led to many errors and the visitors threatening the Moufflon goal line early on that led to an easy penalty conversion from the Andorran full-back following a late tackle, giving the visitors a 3 point lead, and ten minutes in the sin-bin for George Agathacleous.
In the first half the Andies dominated, and in the view of some observers, bullied the Cypriots, but the Moufflon backs, who were always superior, came into their own after half-time.
On a second premises in the same area, they found nine birds, two animal skulls and the horns of a moufflon, along with a bird trap.
But it wasn't until 1965 that CY began leasing its own aircraft and the moufflon logo was born.
So Eddie and I decided to compile a book ourselves, on the whole range of Cyprus fauna, from insects to moufflon.
Lemons from Paradise" is available at the Moufflon bookshop for e1/419.
The moufflon has been on sale for years now," said Senior Forest Conservator for the Forestry Department, Andreas Christou.