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also mouf·flon  (mo͞of′lŏn′)
n. pl. mouflon or mou·flons also moufflon or mouf·flons
A small wild sheep (Ovis orientalis syn. O. gmelini) native to southwestern Asia and islands of the Mediterranean, having a brown coat and, in the male, a white patch on the back and curved horns.

[French, alteration of Italian dialectal muvrone, from Late Latin mufrō, mufrōn-.]
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(ˈmuːflɒn) or


(Animals) a wild short-fleeced mountain sheep, Ovis musimon, of Corsica and Sardinia
[C18: via French from Corsican mufrone, from Late Latin mufrō]
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or mouf•flon

(ˈmuf lɒn)

a wild sheep, Ovis musimon, inhabiting the mountainous regions of Sardinia and Corsica, the male of which has large curving horns.
[1765–75; < French < Italian muflone, orig. dial.; compare Corsican muffolo, Sardinian murone, Late Latin mufrō, s. mufrōn-]
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Noun1.mouflon - wild mountain sheep of Corsica and Sardiniamouflon - wild mountain sheep of Corsica and Sardinia
genus Ovis, Ovis - sheep
mountain sheep - any wild sheep inhabiting mountainous regions
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[ˈmuːflɒn] n (sheep) → muflone m
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(There are no native wild sheep in Africa, South America, or the entire South Pacific region.) There are two species in North America, bighorns and "thin-horned" Dall and Stone sheep, and just one in Europe, the mouflon. Between Alaska's Dall sheep and Europe's mouflon, the giant land mass of Asia holds the real treasure trove of wild sheep.
That makes the milk more concentrated." Two thousand years ago the milk came only from wild mouflon; nowadays cow's milk as well as sheep and goat's milk is used to make halloumi.
All sheep can trace their ancestry back to the wild mouflon - a feisty wild ovine that was first domesticated around 8500BC.
We all used the rifle to take Catalina goat, Mouflon and Corsican ram.
Native to Sardinia and Corsica, the mouflon is a small, wild what?
The route continues near a mouflon area to the southern part of the town forest.
The received wisdom is that they are possibly a blend of several primitive breeds like Shetland, Soay, Manx Loaghtan and 'Siberian' Mouflon sheep.
The growth of the leopard population indicates an increase in their forage base, which, in particular, includes such animals as bezoar goats and mouflon, follows from environmental data.
Some of the game subspecies to be found in Argentine nature include fallow deer, the desired and famous red stag, mouflon, antelopes, etc.
(Eric Henderson of Adventures Afield, killed a mouflon ewe at 198 yards using a Texan.) The power these air rifles offer can be lethal in the field.
European mouflon (Ovis aries musimon), originating from Sardinia and Corsica (ITIS 2016), have been successfully introduced to several European countries, including Croatia (Kusak & Krapinec 2010).