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Pronounced as a palatal sound, as the ll in French fille.

[French, past participle of mouiller, to moisten, palatalize, from Old French moillier, to soften by soaking; see moil.]
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(Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics palatalized, as in the sounds represented by Spanish ll or ñ, Italian gl or gn (pronounced as /ʎ/ and /ɲ/ respectively), or French ll (representing a (j) sound)
[C19: from French, past participle of mouiller to moisten, from Latin mollis soft]
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[beaucoup moins que]D'autres gestes sont a eviter comme l'installation de chauffe-eau dans une salle de bains ou la mise de linge mouille sur un appareil de chauffage du fait que cela favorise la deterioration du tuyau d'evacuation des gaz brules qui doit etre en tube galvanise et non flexible[beaucoup plus grand que], rencherit Toumi.
2016; Mouille, Higuera, and Woicehovich 2017), rates of 30-day readmission (Mouille, Higuera, and Woicehovich 2017), and increased rates of discharge to home (Iorio et al.
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