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 (mo͞o-zhēk′, -zhĭk′)
Variant of muzhik.


(Historical Terms) a variant spelling of muzhik


or mu•zjik

(muˈʒɪk, ˈmu ʒɪk)

a Russian peasant.
[1560–70; < Russian muzhík, derivative of muzh husband, man]
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Noun1.moujik - a Russian peasant (especially prior to 1917)moujik - a Russian peasant (especially prior to 1917)
bucolic, peasant, provincial - a country person
References in classic literature ?
You drunken moujik," said Daria Alexeyevna, once more.
Do you hear how this moujik of a fellow goes on bargaining for your bride?
Even that moujik, Rogojin, you saw, brought her a hundred thousand roubles
The startled moujik, bearded up to the very whites of his eyes, answered obsequiously--
Its subtitle, for instance, reads, "Dedicated without Permission to Those Gallant Taxpayers Who Will Help to Guarantee the Soviet Loan," and its first sentence is "Once upon a time there was a poor Moujik who, feeling that he was not quite poor enough, destroyed his means of ever becoming any richer.
Others of interest are Venetia Williams' course and distance winner Moujik Borget in the Feel The Rush At Betfair Handicap Hurdle (12.
Robert Goldwater, "The Genius of the Moujik," Saturday Review, May 19, 1962, p.
40 Cheltenham Sporting (50:30:20:10) 14-17 Vendor, 8-11 Ulck Du Lin, Kazlian, 6-8 Edeymi, Gorgeous Sixty, 4-6 Kapga De Cerisy, Arnaud, Soliwery, Dark And Dangerous, Royal Bonsai, 3-5 Sportsmaster, Argocat, Bat Masterson, Ardlui, Lemon Drop Red, Jackies Solitaire, 2-4 Blue Cannon, Une Artiste, Chill, 1-3 One Cool Shabra, Kie, Coolbrooke, Moujik Borget, High Samana.