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1. A mold, as of a footprint, made for use in a criminal investigation.
2. The making of such a mold or cast, as with plaster of Paris.
3. A model of a body part, especially a diseased or injured body part, used for educational purposes.
4. The use of materials such as molded latex body parts or theatrical makeup to simulate injuries or diseases on a volunteer or dummy, as for use in training emergency response teams.

[French, from earlier mollage, fee for inspection of wood by use of a standard frame, from Old French molle, mold; see mold1.]


1. the process of making moulds or casts that are often used as evidence in criminal investigation
2. a mould or a cast made of a person, a body part, or a footprint for use in a criminal investigation or for training medical personnel



1. the making of a mold, esp. with plaster of Paris, of objects, footprints, etc., as for the purpose of identification.
2. the mold itself.
[1900–05; < French moul(er) to mold]
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Elements of physical and conceptual fidelity--including decisions about equipment, moulage (physical), and appropriate, predetermined facilitator responses to participants' interventions (conceptual)--are established as part of the simulation design.
Apres cetapercu historique, vient la question d'actualite de savoir si cette union de 28 pays parvenait-ellea depasser les conflits entre le specifique et le general, par le fait de ce moulage de 23 ans?
Wilmering has been a scenario role player and moulage artist to train medical responders and the US military.
MCI City will include: * A disaster scenario scene * Transportation and support vehicle area treatment and rehab area * Disaster response training, simulation and moulage * Command vehicle/trailer area * Incident command vests, gear, flags, cones and lights * Communications and command * Scene lighting and power generators and other disaster response equipment
After each set of slides addressing the pathophysiology of the combat injuries, the CD-ROM presented a patient portrayed by an actor with moulage to demonstrate the various signs and symptoms.
Several materials have been used to obtain the moulage impression, including plaster, reversible hydrocolloid, irreversible hydrocolloid, and elastomeric materials such as polyvinylsiloxane and polysulfide rubber.
Best practice in medical simulation requires thoughtful, diligent scenario design upfront, realistic set up or moulage, and skilled debriefing post-simulation.
Embassy volunteers playing the role of victims in the simulated bomb blast were given a makeover using moulage kits supplied by MED and the MSGs.
S'ecartant de la noblesse de la peinture academique historique, la << bambochade >> est un petit tableau, une eau-forte, un dessin, voire un petit moulage, ayant pour sujet une scene champetre ou citadine representant la vie quotidienne du peuple de maniere burlesque, proche de la caricature.
We'll make a moulage, or an impression of the ear using wax or clay, and, at this point, we'll get the patient involved with the process," said Hansen.
y GrEoce a notre procede de moulage par soufflage, nous sommes en mesure de creer un tube de remplissage homogE?