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Robert Treptow, the seats were given to the museum by former Garden President Larry Moulter. Former state Rep.
On the evening of August 15, 2006, Nate Moulter and Mike Gavin arrived for work at Boston's Fenway Park and started their evening by making a list of that day's major league games with the uniform numbers of the starting pitchers.
Rob Williams, Andrew Sterry and Aled Morris; Nigel Knowlman, Andrew and Luncinda Chapel and Tim Beardsmore; Stuart Houghton, Steve Clarkson, David Williams (Hazelwoods) and Paul Travis.; Speakers Alan Jarman (area manager HSBC Bank), Harvey Grove (senior partner Hazelwoods) and Dennis Turner (chief economist HSBC Bank); Rob Durnell, Mel Carnall and Matt Bevan; Bob Ovens, Jim Balmer, Scott Lawrence, George Koopman and Chris Moulter (Hazelwoods); Mark Nutting, Di Pitts, Anthony Sidall and Chris Creed