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A Jay venturing into a yard where Peacocks used to walk, found there a number of feathers which had fallen from the Peacocks when they were moulting.
It has always been my pride to lay a fresh egg every morning, except when I'm moulting.
Our moulting season, like that of the fowls, must be a crisis in our lives.
Little John twanged his bowstring with a shout, and when the Sheriff dashed in through the gates of Nottingham Town at full speed, a gray goose shaft stuck out behind him like a moulting sparrow with one feather in its tail.
long-term acclimation to salinity and the effects of salinity on growth and moulting.
This study evaluated the effect of moulting on the productive and reproductive performance of Japanese quails.
As they do every year, the birds are currently moulting in the late summer heat - causing more than one bad hair day
But many have extended moulting periods, and this is not unusual if your dog has been neutered.
Lime powder was dusted on silkworm before settling for moult so as to keep the bed dry and facilitate easy moulting in each moult a bed disinfection with Vijetha was practiced.
These experiments allowed us to more accurately determine how these variables potentially affected the moulting, survival and health of the cage-held lobsters in the field.
Q: MY pet rabbit Flash keeps moulting big chunks of fur when I clean her bedding out.
She joked on GMTV yesterday that she was forced to shave off her blonde locks after she began moulting all over the car.