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mount 1

v. mount·ed, mount·ing, mounts
1. To climb or ascend: mount stairs.
2. To place oneself upon; get up on: mount a horse; mount a platform.
3. To climb onto (a female) for copulation. Used of male animals.
a. To furnish with a horse for riding.
b. To set on a horse: mount the saddle.
5. To set in a raised position: mount a bed on blocks.
a. To fix securely to a support: mount an engine in a car.
b. To place or fix on or in the appropriate support or setting for display or study: mount stamps in an album; mount cells on a slide.
7. To provide with scenery, costumes, and other equipment necessary for production: mount a play.
8. To organize and equip: mount an army.
9. To prepare and set in motion: mount an attack.
a. To set in position for use: mount guns.
b. To carry as equipment: The warship mounted ten guns.
11. To post (a guard).
1. To go upward; rise: The sun mounts into the sky.
2. To get up on something, as a horse or bicycle.
3. To increase in amount, extent, or intensity: Costs are mounting up. Fear quickly mounted. See Synonyms at rise.
1. The act or manner of mounting.
2. A means of conveyance, such as a horse, on which to ride.
3. An opportunity to ride a horse in a race.
4. An object to which another is affixed or on which another is placed for accessibility, display, or use, especially:
a. A glass slide for use with a microscope.
b. A hinge used to fasten stamps in an album.
c. A setting for a jewel.
d. An undercarriage or stand on which a device rests while in service.

[Middle English mounten, from Old French monter, from Vulgar Latin *montāre, from Latin mōns, mont-, mountain; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

mount′a·ble adj.
mount′er n.

mount 2

1. Abbr. Mt. A mountain or hill. Used especially as part of a proper name.
2. Any of the seven fleshy cushions around the edges of the palm of the hand in palmistry.

[Middle English, from Old English munt and from Old French mont, munt, both from Latin mōns, mont-; see men- in Indo-European roots.]


or Mount of  (mount) or Mont  (mônt, môN)
For the names of actual mountains, see the specific element of the name; for example, Shasta, Mount; Olives, Mount of; Blanc, Mont. Other geographic names beginning with Mount are entered under Mount; for example, Mount Vernon; Mount Desert Island.
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She did not answer, helpless before an insur- mountable difficulty, appalled before the necessity, the impossibility and the dread of an explanation in which she and madness seemed involved together.
The Duty Series FS RXP 4x18650 light puts out 10,000 lumens (estimated) on high and is tripod mountable. It has a digital on/off switch with lock-out feature.
India, May 4 -- ENRG has launched EPICAM, a portable, mountable and submersible camera.
This product is easily mountable on walls or ceilings with no wiring necessary, powered either by solar energy or two AAA batteries.
Their range of products include instant and digital still cameras, high-definition and mountable sports video cameras, tablets and flat-screen TVs.
Available from specialist distributor SWITCHTEC, Euroclamp's SVR-DR terminal blocks are DIN mountable, meeting the needs of many panel builders and OEMs.
Models are available with removable flying leads or 8 mm micro DIN connectors; units are DIN rail mountable when used with BVM series manifolds.
Patented recently is a mechanical fastening system for an article having a stretchablc loop fastener component mountable on the article and including an elastomeric substrate and a high bond point non -woven loop material secured to the elastomeric substrate.
8 November 2010 - Finnish AC drives manufacturer Vacon Oyj (HEL: VAC1V) said today it will introduce a new product range of Vacon 100 Motor Mountable AC drives at the electric automation fair SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany, on 23 November 2010.
940TR is a surface mountable Micro-USB 2.0 Type B socket.
Options include PCB mountable and prewired versions.