mountain alder

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Noun1.mountain alder - small shrubby maple of eastern North Americamountain alder - small shrubby maple of eastern North America; scarlet in autumn
maple - any of numerous trees or shrubs of the genus Acer bearing winged seeds in pairs; north temperate zone
2.mountain alder - tree of western United Statesmountain alder - tree of western United States  
Alnus, genus Alnus - alders
alder tree, alder - north temperate shrubs or trees having toothed leaves and conelike fruit; bark is used in tanning and dyeing and the wood is rot-resistant
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Other common species are beaked sedge (Carex utriculata), bog birch (Betula glandulosa), mountain alder (Alnus incana), marsh reed grass (Calamagrotis canadensis), western dock (Rumex aquaticus), white clover (Trifolium repens), and strawberry (Fragaria ovalis).
Mountain alder or thin leaf alder (Alnus tenuifolia) is another shrub-like tree in most areas where it grows except for the mountains of Colorado and in Northern New Mexico where it can grow to 30 or 35 feet.
Besides the conifers you'd expect, look for Western water birch (Betula occidentalis), attractive in loose groups along a stream; mountain alder (Alnus tenuifolia), useful for stabilizing soil in moist areas; quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides), which shimmers gold in fall; mountain maple (Acer glabrum), a small multi-trunked tree that thrives in well-drained soil; and mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia), with ferny foliage and colorful summer berries.
Other species included mountain alder (Alnus incana, 2.5%), quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides, 1.1%), and bog birch (Betula glandulosa, 1.0%).