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Noun1.mountain birch - birch of western United States resembling the paper birch but having brownish barkmountain birch - birch of western United States resembling the paper birch but having brownish bark
Betula, genus Betula - a genus of trees of the family Betulaceae (such as birches)
birch tree, birch - any betulaceous tree or shrub of the genus Betula having a thin peeling bark
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شَجَر البتولا الجَبَلي
horská bříza
horská breza
dağ kayın ağacı


(mauntən) noun
a high hill. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world; (also adjective) a mountain stream.
ˈmountain birch noun
a type of birch tree.
ˈmountain bike noun
a bicycle with wide tyres for riding over rough ground.
ˈmountain plateauplateauˈmountain range noun
a row of mountains.
ˈmountain ridge noun
a long raised surface along the top of a mountain.
ˌmountaiˈneer noun
a person who climbs mountains, especially with skill, or as his occupation.
ˌmountaiˈneering noun
ˈmountainous adjective
full of mountains. The country is very mountainous.
ˈmountain-side noun
the slope of a mountain. The avalanche swept the climbers down the mountain-side.
ˈmountain-top noun
the summit of a mountain.
make a mountain out of a molehill
to exaggerate the importance of a problem. etc.
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Like the winter pasture classification, the summer pasture classes were reclassified into 11 main classes (numbers derive from colour codes: 1) = rich mire pasture; 2 = moderate mire pasture; 3 = poor mire pasture; 5 = bare mountaintops; 10 = peat mining areas; 35 = mountain heath land; 41 = clear-cut areas; 42 = deciduous forest; 43 = mountain birch woodland; 46 mixed forest; and 47 = spruce forest.
Mountain birch forms the tree line in northwestern Europe (Kallio and Makinen 1978, Kallio et al.
Mountain birch is less dominant at the upper elevations than in the northern localities, and the coniferous tree line borders on the scattered mountain birch zone or directly on the fell heath.
We have earlier demonstrated that delayed inducible resistance (DIR) in mountain birch (Betula pubescens ssp.
Mountain birch is shade intolerant with a relatively wide edaphic amplitude and grows best in less seasonal, more humid and snow-rich habitats.
Radiocarbon dates of 90 tree megafossils from Swedish Lapland, 29 of which had not previously been published, range from 11980 to 1950 cal yr BR During the interval 9500-8500 cal yr BP, mountain birch (Betula pubes cens ssp.
Enclosing the space are trees such as dwarf Colorado spruce (Picea pungens 'Mesa Verde'), native hybrid Rocky Mountain birch (Betufa x hybrida 'Rocky Mountain Splendor'), and a Wasatch maple (Acer grandidentatum) in full fall color.
The study area is a mountain birch forest extending from Lake Tome trask at 340 m to tree line at 670 m.
In the Swedish high-mountain region, capercaillie have become less common as the boreal conifer forest is replaced by mountain birch Betula pubescens czerepanovii at higher altitudes.
You might hear them now, late at night, because at the end of March they leave our shores for the Scandinavian mountain birch forests where they breed.
autumnata larvae were reared solitarily in plastic tubes (48 ml) on leaves of mountain birch (Betula pubescens ssp.
The present study aims to contribute to a fine regional differentiation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) response to climate change at its altitudinal margins in subarctic Finland north of 69 [degrees] N (Utsjoki) and to find out whether a prompt establishment of new pines in response to climate change can be expected above the old pine tree limit in and above the mountain birch zone.