mountain hemlock

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Noun1.mountain hemlock - large evergreen of western United Statesmountain hemlock - large evergreen of western United States; wood much harder than Canadian hemlock
hemlock tree, hemlock - an evergreen tree
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Mountain hemlock was the dominant species at 6,000 feet, as we hiked a high divide above the river canyon.
Other vegetation on our study area included Silver Fir (Abies amabilis), Sub-alpine Fir (Abies lasiocarpa), Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana), Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla), and alpine meadows.
The trees are thriving and you can walk through mini forests of monkey puzzle and mountain hemlock trees.
with an eight-mile loop walk to see its mountain hemlock, conifers and the site of the 1996 Charlton Butte forest fire.
While mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) does exist in Alaska, it is considered to be mostly inaccessible and accounts for a small portion of the total hemlock harvest (Markwardt 1931).
A forest dominated by mountain hemlock and subalpine fir covers most areas between 1000 m and 1700 m asl (Brooke et al., 1970).
The Coastal Western Hemlock (CWH) zone is the dominant biogeoclimatic zone in the Tofino Creek watershed, with a lesser area at higher elevations in the Mountain Hemlock (MH) zone (Table 2; see Pojar et al.
In addition to western hemlock, other hemlocks include eastern hemlock, white hemlock, Carolina hemlock, mountain hemlock, southern Japanese hemlock, northern Japanese hemlock, Chinese hemlock and Himalayan hemlock.
Here subalpine trees, including whitebark and foxtail pine and mountain hemlock, grab a foothold, clinging to the mountains in increasingly dwarfed and gnarled stands that end at timberline.
It contrasts sharply with the tight organized needles of a nearby Shasta fir and seems to fit in better with the soft boughs of a mountain hemlock, which unexpectedly leans out over the closed road.