mountain mahogany

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moun′tain mahog`any

any of several W North American shrubs or small trees of the genus Cercocarpus, of the rose family, having simple, leathery leaves and small, whitish flowers.
[1800–10, Amer.]
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It is the gold and bronze that begins to show in the aspen, birch and mountain mahogany, the crystal-like sparkle on the tips of the grass because the temperature during the night dropped just below freezing and the snap that the cold, juicy apple from the tree by my back porch gives as I bite it after pulling it.
High-desert hunting is similar to alpine hunting, except that you trade tundra and gnarly timberline fir, pine, and spruce of the alpine for sagebrush, aspens, juniper, and mountain mahogany. Throughout Nevada and parts of its neighboring states--the Intermountain West--high-desert hunting takes place from roughly 6,000-11,000 feet elevation.
For example, an inverted cone (volume = [pi]/3 [r.sup.2]h, where r = radius and h = height) generally fits shape of the canopy of mountain mahogany, whereas the upper one-half of a spheroid (volume = 4/3[pi]r[h.sup.2]) fits shape of the canopy of squawbush (Rhus trilobata).
I added a crowned shelf of gorgeous mountain mahogany, the core cat-claw instead of Eastern hickory I'd had no hand in cutting and curing.
In seconds, a gray form weaves through an equally monotone patch of mountain mahogany. Clearing the brush, the buck stops.
huachucensis); Mountain yucca (Yucca schottii), Hairy mountain mahogany (Cercocarpus montanus var.
Ahead, a large sandstone boulder creates a pulpit on the hill, and in the shadows is a large painted figure, red from mountain mahogany. Neither man nor animal, this anthropomorph stands, broad shouldered, facing the east with horns (or possibly ears) rising above its head and, between them, a faint emanation of color like a tongue of fire.