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Noun1.mountain pass - the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaksmountain pass - the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks; "we got through the pass before it started to snow"
location - a point or extent in space
col, gap - a pass between mountain peaks
defile, gorge - a narrow pass (especially one between mountains)
chain of mountains, mountain chain, mountain range, range of mountains, range, chain - a series of hills or mountains; "the valley was between two ranges of hills"; "the plains lay just beyond the mountain range"
saddleback, saddle - a pass or ridge that slopes gently between two peaks (is shaped like a saddle)
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The consequence is that the Rocky Mountains and the ulterior regions, from the Russian possessions in the north down to the Spanish settlements of California, have been traversed and ransacked in every direction by bands of hunters and Indian traders; so that there is scarcely a mountain pass, or defile, that is not known and threaded in their restless migrations, nor a nameless stream that is not haunted by the lonely trapper.
But the dwarf was enraged at his behaviour, and laid a fairy spell of ill-luck upon him; so that as he rode on the mountain pass became narrower and narrower, and at last the way was so straitened that he could not go to step forward: and when he thought to have turned his horse round and go back the way he came, he heard a loud laugh ringing round him, and found that the path was closed behind him, so that he was shut in all round.
It was by way of this oasis that Infadoos suggested we should return, and the idea seemed to us a good one, for it appeared that we should thus escape the rigours of the mountain pass.
Sometimes, at night, the way wound through some lonely gorge, like a mountain pass in Scotland, shining and coldly glittering in the light of the moon, and so closed in by high steep hills all round, that there seemed to be no egress save through the narrower path by which we had come, until one rugged hill-side seemed to open, and shutting out the moonlight as we passed into its gloomy throat, wrapped our new course in shade and darkness.
The Trump administration favors the idea of converting the processing plant at Mountain Pass rare earth mine to a national lab for research into rare earth elements (REEs) mining and processing, according to Michael Silver, CEO, American Elements Corp.
The host, who took a leave from his hosting duties in noontime show 'Eat Bulaga,' drove up to the Khardung La mountain pass, which is 18,380 feet above sea level.
Harner, and entered into an asset purchase agreement with the trustee to purchase substantially all the assets and the surface real property rights of the debtors at the Mountain Pass Rare Earths mine, the company said.
Basel, Switzerland, Dhu-AlHijjah 27, 1437, Sep 28, 2016, SPA -- Two Swiss army pilots were killed Wednesday when their helicopter crashed on the St Gotthard mountain pass, air force commander Aldo Schellenberg said.
But now researchers think they have proof of his army's route after unearthing a layer of elephant dung and horse manure near a mountain pass in France.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Bolu Mountain pass of the TEM ystanbul-to-Ankara highway and D-100 (E5) highway was closed on Thursday morning after several semi-trailers slid off the road due to treacherous ice.
Their challenge is to bring 200 cattle down a mountain pass, a mere 50 miles of riding over three days and nights.