mountain quail

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Noun1.Mountain quail - California partridgemountain quail - California partridge; slightly larger than the California quail
partridge - small Old World gallinaceous game birds
genus Oreortyx, Oreortyx - mountain quail of western United States
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He came to know the ground-nesting birds and the difference between the customs of the valley quail, the mountain quail, and the pheasants.
Hunters looking to find coveys of Gambel's should spend their time in southeastern California, while anyone looking for Mountain quail would be well served to head to the northwestern corner of the state.
Timberline Hills Investors LLC, 3595 Mountain Quail Ln; new single family dwelling; $373,501.
Habitat loss is also a factor in the decline of mountain quail, which are elevation-specific.
Of the upland game bird species in the United States and Canada, 20 are native, and at least eight, all shrub-grassland grouse species, northern bobwhite, mountain quail Oreortyx pictus and scaled quail, have exhibited significant declines throughout all or significant portions of their range.
Thirty- five per cent of the revenue from the exhibition will be contributed to the Himalayan conservation work undertaken by Wilderness Films at the Mountain Quail Rediscovery project site in Uttarakhand.
A number of creatures being displayed are now extinct, including a 200-year-old flightless swamp hen which lived on an island off Australia; the Himalayan mountain quail, which vanished in Victorian times; the Paradise Parrot (last seen about 1930) and the Long-tailed Hopping Mouse which lived in Western Australia.
QUAIL SEASON: Not finalized at press time, but last year was October 14 February 4, with daily limit of 10 quail (of which, no more than two can be mountain quail).
31, but just two involve Western Oregon: Mountain quail and California quail seasons close in this half of the state Thursday.
Trophy blacktailed deer, black bears, pronghorn antelope, Roosevelt elk, Rocky Mountain elk, Tule elk, desert sheep, wild pigs, six subspecies of mule deer, pheasants, waterfowl, turkeys, mountain quail, valley quail, ruffed grouse, doves, chukar, ptarmigan, blue grouse, sage grouse, many species of varmints and other small game as well as 20 million acres of National Forest lands and 2.4 million acres of BLM land to pursue these animals.
See website for special harvest regulations on mountain quail.
If you go, collect and turn in to the ODFW any grouse and mountain quail wings and tails from harvested birds.

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