mountain rose

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Noun1.mountain rose - European alpine rose with crimson flowers
rose, rosebush - any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses
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I remember having seen a mountain, first from the Beagle Channel, where the whole sweep from the summit to the base was full in view, and then from Ponsonby Sound across several successive ridges; and it was curious to observe in the latter case, as each fresh ridge afforded fresh means of judging of the distance, how the mountain rose in height.
Hers was the sweetness of the mountain rose, the gentleness of the dove.
In August 2018, Mountain Rose Herbs launched its brand new 'Mountain Rose Herbs Giving Project', a program funded entirely by MRH to award three $4000 grants to people or organizations that require extra assistance for their plant- or conservation-centric projects.
(Mountain Rose Herbs is a great online source for purchasing bulk organic herbs--I have no financial relationship to the company.)
The gold mountain rose from its sleep and walked for a long time
Body Shop: Atlas Mountain Rose Eau De Toilette: This dewy, spicy, floral eau de toilette gives you the best fragrance of Atlas Mountain Rose which makes your mood romantic with the beautiful wreath of roses all around and will make your Valentine feel more special.
Editor Casey Marshall enjoys the Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser offered by Mountain Rose Herbs.
Sponsored by Mountain Rose Herbs, this is the second of eight exhibits to explore the ecology of the southern Willamette Valley.
Resorts that remain closed include Donner Ski Ranch, Soda Springs, Boreal Mountain Resort, Homewood Mountain Ski Resort, Tahoe Donner, Mountain Rose Ski resort, Sugar Bowl, Diamond Peak, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Northstar, Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Kirkwood Mountain.
At launch, Teabox is debuting 18 TeaPac varieties, the largest selection of loose leaf tea bags on the market, including traditional favorites English Breakfast and Earl Grey and specialty blends Masala Chai and Mountain Rose. TeaPacs are sold in boxes of 16 priced at $10.
It also presents recommendations with respect to agricultural guidance related to agricultural applications of mountain rose farms.
Heading the pony section was Debbie Jones with her Section B winner, the 11-year-old chestnut brood mare, Cadlan Valley Josephine, followed by the John Davies partnership with his daughter, Valmai Thomas and their three-yearold bay filly, the Riding Pony Breeding champion, Mount Pleasant Mountain Rose.