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Above: Jake Attree's River Aire, Hirst |Wood, oil pastel on mounting board
If the original screws ripped the fibreboard badly, I would use an MDF off-cut to make a mounting board for the hook then paint it to match your wardrobe.
Lift cords are tied to the lowest rings and threaded up through all rings in a vertical column through a pulley or screw eye and then out one side of the mounting board.
Based at the Bluecoat, Jeanne-Marie Kenny creates boxes from recycled offcuts of mounting board, paper and glue, layering images from fashion, art, home decor magazines as well as the National Geographic.
Finish the installation by covering the track and mounting board with a 1x4 trim board.
This one-chip LSI helps reduce the cost of the backlight system by integrating peripheral circuits (a boost converter and protective circuits, such as LED short-circuiting detection circuits) and also reduce the mounting board area by approximately 40%.
The challenge is to mount the object in the appropriate position while maintaining its connection to the wooden mounting board and without damaging the item itself, Kevin says.
Typically, open-edition prints and other non-valuable items can be permanently mounted onto foam-board or some other mounting board.
Austin, Texas, for product fulfillment, but Stearn says a specialty retailer could stock the Voice-Express audio chip-enabled mounting board, allowing customers to instantly make talking prints right in the store.
The system offers simple commissioning because field wiring can be connected directly to the terminal on the mounting board.
A mounting board can also cover up abandoned holes left from previous trial-and-error locations.