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Noun1.mouse click - depression of a button on a computer mousemouse click - depression of a button on a computer mouse; "a click on the right button for example"
depression - pushing down; "depression of the space bar on the typewriter"
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Every button except the left mouse click can be assigned nearly anything possible, from mouse functions to keyboard strokes to even full-on macros.
The mouse click motion is virtual, removing some of the strain of repetitive motion.
* Recommendation by mouse click: If a user finds an interesting product, he can redirect the relevant information automatically to his colleagues.
With just one mouse click, theWatermark-FX feature creates watermarks for use as first-line security or market identity purposes.The Color-Logic Design Suite is available from licensed Color-Logic printers.
Yet new Internet capabilities can also be dominated over time by large corporations or encourage phenomena such as "clicktivism" where someone feels like they have made a difference with a simple mouse click. Lindgren (sociology, Umea U.) here takes the middle ground, arguing that both things are happening, and explores the extent of each through analysis of things like web clicks and Google searches.
That this queer "Belle de Jour" favors style over substance without really getting down and dirty befits its shrewd bid to titillate an and that scratches itches by mouse click --which is to say that the Radius-TWC pickup stands to score almost exclusively via VOD.
Actions such as release and redirect of individual accessions or batches are done with a single mouse click. Plus it has the capability to add and pass electronic internal notes.
said the simple mouse click, caused a sheriff to fire him from his job as a deputy, as he had liked the page of Sheriff's Office official, Jim Adams, who was running against him in an election.
Filters automatically applies enhancements with one button mouse click, eliminating time spent adjusting the brightness and contrast settings to obtain the sharpest image.
The BIGtrack Trackball has an oversized trackball with left and a right mouse click buttons located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks.
The SEC's summary prospectus rule, NewRiver points out, requires firms to deliver the summary prospectus in either print or electronic format and to "make the longer 'statutory' prospectus available to investors within a mouse click via layered disclosure." NewRiver also notes that to date, thirteen fund companies including American Funds, Nuveen Funds, and Van Kampen Funds have filed summary sections within 58 statutory prospectuses
Oh, for the good old days when pore wasn't a mouse click away!