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Noun1.mouse button - a push button on the mousemouse button - a push button on the mouse    
computer mouse, mouse - a hand-operated electronic device that controls the coordinates of a cursor on your computer screen as you move it around on a pad; on the bottom of the device is a ball that rolls on the surface of the pad; "a mouse takes much more room than a trackball"
push button, button, push - an electrical switch operated by pressing; "the elevator was operated by push buttons"; "the push beside the bed operated a buzzer at the desk"
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"The challenge of the internet - where all kinds of gambling products are available at the click of a mouse button - made a further comprehensive review of gambling an imperative," said the spokesman.
Bosses at the UHCW NHS Trust want most patients to find the information they need with just two clicks of a mouse button.
The idea is to introduce the prospective eligible singles and their families in rural areas to the benefits of online matchmaking that saves time and gives them access to thousands of enlisted singles simply at the click of a mouse button. In the first instance, the interested villager has to get himself registered by a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) on the Sahaj Portal to obtain a unique id and password which he can use to register himself on the Sahaj - Bharat Matrimony home page on the portal.
Times how long you can hold your mouse button down.
* Press and hold the left mouse button and slowly drag designated direction.
Clicking it with your left mouse button gives you a list of programs, clicking with the right mouse button takes you to the familiar "Control Panel,'' "File Explorer,'' "Power Options,'' and "Shut Down.''
Click frustration has been previously defined as overuse of the mouse button click Rohm, (2009).
While registering certain times displayed by the clocks, defined by a simple set of rules, they also had to watch a scrolling ticker that featured common Swedish names, pressing the mouse button when one of the names was repeated.
The GT3D system has also solved the 'Midas touch problem', allowing users to click on an item on the screen using their eyes, instead of a mouse button.
Times when entire rev- olutions can be planned and executed through social net- working sites and decades- old regimes can be brought down with the few clicks of a mouse button. Human inter- action in the virtual world is at an all-time high.
Other than this feature, the new pen can also be used like mouse where its top button works like a mouse button. Most stylus pens for laptops often lack other use and just act like a substitute for using the mouse.