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Strategically placed, "tick tubes" prompt field mice to incorporate tick-killing material in their bedding, effectively eliminating hundreds of tick nymphs found in each mouse nest.
Harvest Mouse Nest Hunt | Join the experts at Parc |Slip Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre in Tondu tomorrow from 10am.
The computer had stopped working and when technicians took a closer look at the hard drive in the tower, they came across a mouse nest.
Stopping immediately to check under the hood, I found a mouse nest burning from the heat of the motor.
But it was confirmed harvest mice were living at Saltholme with the discovery of a harvest mouse nest by assistant warden Ed Pritchard.
Birmingham City Council prosecutor Amanda Scown said the company had only discovered a mouse nest after the inspectors shut them down.
Countryside: Last winter I went to change my oil and discovered a mouse nest in the air filter in my car.
Investigators were baflled as to how the blaze started in the Wayfarers Arcade, Lord Street, Southport, until a mouse nest was found under a stairwell.
a huge mouse nest, stuffed with straw, chewed-up egg boxes, and a store of mixed corn
It lead to a mouse nest lined with till receipts and bubble wrap with about 30 pieces of sparkling gold.
They have tried to tackle it but called in pest control after getting nowhere and noticing the sofa trimmings had been snatched for a mouse nest.