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Adj.1.mouse-sized - having the approximate size of a mouse
sized - having a specified size
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The mouse-sized superhero responds to cries for help, but Joey, who runs after him, tells Mighty Mouse how things work in our world.
They work together to fit Mouse's portrait inside his mouse-sized house.
If you're frightened of spiders, then the news that North East homes could potentially be invaded by mouse-sized spiders will have come as very unwelcome news for you.
We asked the city's prospective MPs seven questions which cover important issues, such as saving the green belt, and more light-hearted matters - such as taking on an army of mouse-sized Nigel Farages.
This tiny guest digs its own mouse-sized tunnels off the main burrow.
3) Would you rather be attacked by 100 mouse-sized Nigel Farages or one Nigel Farage-sized mouse?
Angiosperms started to appear about 140 million years ago and after that the small mammals' body sizes increased, eventually ranging from mouse-sized to the size of a beaver.
The discovery of four skulls belonging to mouse-sized, saucer-eyed primates that lived in North America 50 million years ago has dramatically pushed back estimates of when early primate groups first evolved.
The mouse-sized naked mole rat is the longest-lived rodent known, surviving up to 31 years in captivity.
It would have to be the 100 mouse-sized Nigel Farages.
These voles are small mouse-sized mammals that live only in the forest canopies of Western Oregon and Northern California.
His subsequent description of mouse-sized devastation in verse four is truly tender: Thy wee but hoosie, too, in ruin Its silly wa's the winds are strewin An naething now tae big a new yin O' foggage green