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n.1.One of a group of children appearing on the television program The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1950's.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She became Louisiana's first Mouseketeer and, for the next two years, worked out of Florida, shooting the Mickey Mouse Club.
The timing of these releases, as Bob Iger takes the CEO reins of Disney from 20-year Chief Mouseketeer Michael Eisner, raises the stakes still further.
By ten, Britney was on the US TV show The Mickey Mouse Club, complete with Mouseketeer ears and toothy grin.
Some parents say they are willing to shell out big bucks for their children to have a wholesome role model who - currently - is the antithesis of bad girls Britney Spears, a former Mouseketeer, and Lindsay Lohan, who starred in Disney movies.
FOLLOWING a nationwide talent search, 12-year-old winner Justin landed a job as a Mouseketeer on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club.
But what really got the town buzzing was the role the other CEO onstage--head Mouseketeer Bob Iger--played in the deal.
JC was a mouseketeer with Timberlake, Britney and Christina Aguilera before forming 'NSync with the Rock Your Body star.
In her pop videos, she is not afraid of letting it all hang out, but she cut her teeth on the US TV show the Mickey Mouse Club as a mouseketeer. Crossroads was her acting debut, although it didn't ignite the box office.
"Solo" is a little too moody for your average milk-and-cookies Mouseketeer, but Lovato delivers.
Yes, the former Mouseketeer has certainly grown up quickly.
Lynn has been the lynchpin of Justin's career - she actually moved to Orlando for a brief period so that Justin could pursue his dream of becoming a Mouseketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club.
But she insists she won't be wearing the outrageous outfits which have almost overshadowed the former Mouseketeer's pop career.