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Adj.1.mouselike - of something having a drab pale brown color resembling a mouse; "a mousy brownish-grey color"; "mousy hair"; "mouse-colored hair"
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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I've had two turn up in my livewell after tournaments, both mouselike rodents.
IN the flapping light of the fire, Donitz's face bore a fugitive resemblance to that of Patterson, something mouselike in the pointed chin and nose, the large ears, some quality, or negation, that failed to answer to the heroic model.
It's the no sound you remember, falling asleep, that becomes something mouselike, but not mouse, in your almost-dreams.
The name derives from the series of jarring turns that make the experience of riding this compact roller coaster more mouselike. That experience seems to reflect why writer-director Josef Hader chose the name as the title of his debut feature, screening in Beirut as part of the European Film Festival.
It is a small, almost mouselike bird about 18 cm long and with a slender, slightly decurved bill.
The red-cheeked, yellow-tailed, mouselike creature is an animated Pokemon called Pikachu and no, you are not dreaming.