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1. A fine sheer fabric resembling muslin, often made of silk, rayon, cotton, or wool.
2. A hollandaise sauce to which whipped cream has been added.
3. An aspic containing whipped cream.

[French; see muslin.]


(French muslin)
1. (Textiles) a fine fabric made of rayon or silk
2. (Ceramics) a type of fine glass
3. (Cookery) short for mousseline sauce
[C17: French: muslin]



1. a sauce or dish containing whipped cream or beaten egg whites.
2. any of various sheer, lightweight fabrics made of natural or synthetic yarns and having a crisp hand.
[1695–1705; < French: literally, muslin]
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In a low chair beneath a red shaded standing lamp sat Ida, in a diaphanous evening dress of mousseline de soie, the ruddy light tinging her sweet childlike face, and glowing on her golden curls.
The robe was of mousseline de laine--a material which the manufacturers had not yet sent to the Paris markets; a delightful stuff which some months later was to have a wild success, a success which went further and lasted longer than most French fashions.
As we approached, the door flew open, and a little blonde woman stood in the opening, clad in some sort of light mousseline de soie, with a touch of fluffy pink chiffon at her neck and wrists.
DESSERT: Traditional banana conde (classical rice pudding with coconut milk, pears and banana ice-cream) TYPICAL EXAMPLES OF THE BELFRY MENU Carpaccio of beef with summer truffles and red wine and shallot dressing (pounds 29.50) Tian of lobster, crab and avocado with tomato and chilli dressing (pounds 29.50) Peppered loin of lamb with pomme mousseline, baby vegetables and foie gras jus (pounds 24.95)OFFERS pounds 15 Express two-course lunch menu WHERE?The Belfry Hotel, Lichfield Road, Wishaw, North Warwickshire - 01675 470 301
To make the stuffed mussel: For the lobster mousseline: In a food processor, puree the lobster tail meat (not the tips), scallops, and shallot until smooth.
Lightly-poached salmon topped with a rich mousseline sauce and garnished with sliced cucumbers was a favourite.
Contract notice for Designation of semi-skimmed milk suppliers (UHT), mackerel in olive oil, chicken in mushroom sauce, rice salad with tuna, tomato soup, vegetables with vegetable broth, flour wheat, white beet sugar or cane sugar, pasta: penne, pasta: farfalle, rice, crushed, peeled tomatoes into cubes, whole green beans very fine canned mixed vegetables, chickpeas, potato mousseline, melted cheese spreads, extra strawberry jam, olive oil, chocolate corn flakes, biscuits "petit beurre
Hermes silk comes in eight sizes, in various materials: silk twill, cashmere and silk, silk jersey and silk mousseline.
As catastrophes go, it's the equivalent of the Titanic's head chef running out of lemon juice for the mousseline sauce to accompany the poached salmon in the first class dining room.
Richard Allen, executive head chef of the Michelin-starred Tassili restaurant in Jersey, is a big fan and has experimented with everything from Bombay potatoes and wedges to runny potatoes mousseline and little jacket potatoes.
There were words of praise, too, for dishes of chicken stuffed with Fontina cheese and wrapped in ham, calves' liver with white onions and Barola sauce and halibut with a cray-fish mousseline.