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Noun1.mouth hole - a hole (as in a ski mask) for the mouthmouth hole - a hole (as in a ski mask) for the mouth
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
ski mask - a woolen face mask to protect the face from cold while skiing on snow
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Place your bottom lip on the edge of the mouth hole. Pressing the outside of your lips together, blow across the hole like you would a pop bottle.
Stuffed with synthetic material - "for maximum performance and lightness", according to its inventors - the distinctive-looking pillow has a hole in which to put your head, and a mouth hole designed to allow its wearer to breath easily, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
But the mask was messy because we could never precisely aim the candy directly through the small mouth hole, as the eye holes were never properly aligned with our actual eyes, so we were always stumbling into bushes, tripping over dogs, banging into strangers and wandering onto I-290.
She pressed him against her, and his dark mouth hole parted into a yawn.
In situations where I'm blowing a mouth call, I like a facemask with a mouth hole. If the mask isn't made with one, 1 cut a small slit to accept the mouthpiece of the call.
Just add tamarind sauce, pop in the mouth hole, bite and enjoy.
If all else fails, get yourself a mask with no mouth hole (just kidding).
I don't likeGuinness,but he made me have a try so I had to put a straw through the mask's mouth hole and have it that way.
A Scots brewery are making the mouth hole in their cans double the size - so boozers can have a bigger swally.
Don't use the kind with no mouth hole; your humid breath will come out the eyeholes and fog the eyepiece.