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The way that a food or drink feels in the mouth, being primarily a response to texture but also to flavor.


the texture of a substance as it is perceived in the mouth: the wine has a good mouthfeel.


the tactile sensation a food gives to the mouth: a creamy mouthfeel.
[1980–85; Amer.]
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Citrus, a mouthfeel that isn't overly bubbly, lime and tangerine flavours and tangy acidity, according to Wine Enthusiast.
Cognac is a variety of brandy that consists of grapes of the ugni blanc varietal, hence the tannic mouthfeel that can be very intense.
He would choose texts by well-known writers and replace a few words with synonyms; like sommeliers or chefs, the students had to identify ill-fitting words, dissonant tannins, and spices--an interesting introduction into writings molecular chemistery, since it teaches readers to focus on mouthfeel.
When activated by wine, the latter two systems contribute to what we experience as "tactile sensations" or mouthfeel, with polyphenolic compounds (tannins) recognized as one of the main elicitors in red wine.
With a black fruit core of blueberry, cassis and jammy raspberry fruit, it's juicy and concentrated with medium tannins to add some structure to the soft, lush mouthfeel.
Hydrocolloids gums are added through the processing for two main reasons as thickening or gelling agents and to stabilize the yogurt matrix (Early, 1998; Phillips & Williams 2000; Tamime & Robinson, 1999) that can improve the viscosity, maintain the yogurt structure, inhibit syneresis (FDA, 1996) and alter the mouthfeel (Early, 1998).
Made from Espadin agave, it is roasted in earthen pits and this terroir driven, young (joven) mezcal has a smoky, almost whisky like flavour with floral notes and a fruity, nutty essence on the rich mouthfeel.
Great mouthfeel and lots of flavor--the oak, the roast malt, the chocolate and the cayenne--all those flavors, all the way through.
With an enhanced creamy texture, this prototype illustrates how CREAMIZ[TM] can supplement the indulgent mouthfeel of traditional ice creams, without increasing the levels of fat, and at a low cost in use.
In addition, gelatin's viscosity above melting point creates a smooth consistency and a perfect fat-like mouthfeel.
Fats contribute to a creamy mouthfeel, aroma release and to the stability of certain products.
La Follette is also releasing a trio of small-production 2008 Chardonnays, all highlighted by a creamy mouthfeel.