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 (mou′thē, -thē)
adj. mouth·i·er, mouth·i·est
1. Annoyingly talkative.
2. Given to ranting or bombast.

mouth′i·ness n.


adj, mouthier or mouthiest
bombastic; excessively talkative


(ˈmaʊ ði, -θi)

adj. mouth•i•er, mouth•i•est.
garrulous, often in a bombastic manner.
mouth′i•ness, n.


adj (inf) to be mouthyeine große Klappe haben (inf)
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It's great, in the north of England and Scotland you get a bit of mouthiness in the crowd, which is hysterical," said Sharleen.
What sets him apart is his clear-eyed yet empathetic view of his high schoolers, zombies or regulars, accepting of quirks and mouthiness, remaining ever loyal and protective of them, especially a boy regularly abused by his father.
So I stayed in the seminary, where I not only rediscovered my mouthiness, I learned that an integral part of the training was to use it.
A few that come to my mind--for me--are stubbornness, impatience, mouthiness, and insecurity
A professional pet walker is another option, assuming you can find one skilled enough to handle your dog's mouthiness and willing to follow your explicit instructions about how to work with the behavior.
Therefore Durocher's lippyness quickly separated him from the rest of his family, but that same mouthiness and his baseball acumen kept him in professional sports, a realm familiar to Catholics seeking success in America.
In general, there is minimal horseplay or mouthiness.