movie house

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: house - a theater where films are shownmovie house - a theater where films are shown  
bioscope - a South African movie theater
fleapit - an old shabby movie theater
multiplex - a movie theater than has several different auditoriums in the same building
theater, theatre, house - a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented; "the house was full"
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Put simply, the developers couldn't find a movie house that afford the rent at the upscale Eastover, Hines said.
Contract notice: Ongoing internal, primary and glass cleaning in kunstkulturquartier, art house, movie house, front building, kE[micro]nigstr.
Iran is due to get its first cinema multiplex this month when a brand new shopping center and movie house opens to boost the number of screens in cinema-starved Tehran by almost 20 percent.
The future is now in limbo for the Strand, an old-time, single-screen, second-run movie house.
Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, New Line Cinema and Movie House Cinemas to offer YOU the chance to win a pair of exclusive tickets to the Northern Irish Premiere.
Since that massacre in the movie house in Colorado, not a day has gone by when I haven't wished I'd been inside, armed, to fight back.
The blessing has been ambiguously received, however, as some Jenin residents wonder whether the movie house could serve as an instrument
The East Jerusalem movie house reopened last night under the name Alhambra, or Red Palace.
The tycoon palns to retain the house as it is, while expanding the property to 30,000 square feet to include a library, a martial arts centre and a movie house to showcase Lee's martial arts philosophy.
In this collection of essays, he talks about the 21 times he saw the first Star Wars movie, always in the same movie house in Manhattan.
It plays nine months a year at the Plaza, a refurbished 1930s, Moorish-style movie house.