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Noun1.moving van - a van used for moving home or office furnituremoving van - a van used for moving home or office furniture
pantechnicon - a large moving van (especially one used for moving furniture)
van - a truck with an enclosed cargo space
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The moving van pulls up to your community, but the apartment home isn't ready Every property manager's worst nightmare come to life...
Maybe you're hauling plant-filled containers out of a moving van, or pushing a prop-loaded wheelbarrow toward a houseboat crammed with a dozen of your colleagues; you'll go to any lengths for the perfect shot.
Higher than 7 Gbps peak rates supported between 5G radio access network (RAN) and mobile device in moving van.
Thankfully, the end of Ma Boyle's was avoided when staff loaded up the moving van and established themselves in a smart new premises in Tower Buildings, just around the corner down by the waterfront.
Home Office pathologist Dr Simon Poole, who carried out a post-mortem examination on Mr Ali, told Woolwich Crown Court that his "catastrophic" internal injuries were consistent with "contact with a moving van".
Midday Monday, Minassian sped down a crowded sidewalk for nearly two miles in a rented white moving van, leaving a trail of dead and wounded in his wake.
He was then forced to drive around the city for almost an hour before the two robbers jumped from the moving van by the Craftsman pub in Beake Avenue, Whitmore Park.
A woman who let her teenage daughter lean out of a moving van to take beer from a vehicle driving alongside on a Nebraska highway has been arrested.
By 8:30 am on December 13th the moving van arrived at the Old Lodge Building and loaded as much as possible for delivery later that day to our new location, just 5 miles south of Helena on Interstate 15.
Mr Hennell said at this point Egan struck Mr Creamer twice in the face with a beer bottle before Mr Creamer jumped from the moving van at Colwyn Bay, suffering cuts and bruises.
SHREWSBURY - A Charlton man who allegedly pushed his pregnant girlfriend out of his moving van and left her lying on the side of the road was arraigned in Westboro District Court yesterday.
He is home to the fleas and is also their moving van, happy to carry his good friends to perform in various locations and help them set up for their acts.