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mow 1

1. The place in a barn where hay, grain, or other feed is stored.
2. A stack of hay or other feed stored in a barn.

[Middle English moue, stack of hay, from Old English mūga; akin to Old Norse mūgr, swathe, crowd.]

mow 2

v. mowed, mowed or mown (mōn), mow·ing, mows
1. To cut down (grass or grain) with a scythe or a mechanical device.
2. To cut (grass or grain) from: mow the lawn.
To cut down grass or other growth.
Phrasal Verb:
mow down
1. To destroy in great numbers as if cutting down, as in battle.
2. To overwhelm: mowed down the opposition with strong arguments.

[Middle English mouen, from Old English māwan; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]

mow′er (mō′ər) n.


(Agriculture) the act of cutting down (grass, crops, etc) with a hand implement or machine
(Agriculture) of or relating to cutting down (grass, crops, etc) with a hand implement or machine


A. Nsiega f
B. CPD mowing machine Nsegadora f (mecánica)


nMähen nt; mowing machineMähmaschine f
References in classic literature ?
There were jam pots and paper bags, and mountains of chopped grass from the mowing machine
From the lawn beyond the garden came the distant clacketty sound of the mowing machine.
McGregor emptied out a sackful of lawn mowings right upon the top of the sleeping Flopsy Bunnies
He saw some funny little brown tips of ears sticking up through the lawn mowings.
He did odd jobs, such as cutting wood for kitchen stoves and mowing the grass before houses.
And the mowing to be all done by hired labor, not on half-profits.
People were not so busy then as they must become when the full cheese-making and the mowing had set in; and besides, it was a time when a light bridal dress could be worn with comfort and seen to advantage.
Electronic auction: work on the mowing of lawns located on the adjacent territories of residential buildings in the interests of the state enterprise "housing communal services no.
My wife and I have been lucky enough to live in the country for about five years now, and I've been responsible for mowing around 4 acres for roughly half of that time.
Method, frequency and date of mowing influence the presence and population size of Orthoptera species, which show strong dependence on the vertical structure of grasslands.
A survey by YouGov commissioned by Flymo revealed 29% of the British female population, who have a lawn, confessed to never mowing it or leaving it up to someone else to do it for them.
com)-- GreenPal, described as Uber for Lawn Mowing, is pleased to announce they are giving away an entire year's lawn mowing for free to a needy person in the Tampa Bay region this Christmas.