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A cone or cylinder prepared from the dried leaves of certain plants, especially mugwort, placed on the skin and ignited in order to produce counterirritation.

[Japanese mogusa : moeru, to burn + kusa, herb.]
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1. (Medicine) a downy material obtained from various plants and used in Oriental medicine by being burned on the skin as a cauterizing agent or counterirritant for the skin
2. (Plants) any of various plants yielding this material, such as the wormwood Artemisia chinensis
[C17: anglicized version of Japanese mogusa, contraction of moe gusa burning herb]
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(ˈmɒk sə)

a flammable substance obtained from the leaves of certain Chinese and Japanese wormwood plants, esp. Artemisia moxa, and used as a counterirritant.
[1670–80; by uncertain mediation < Japanese mogusa=mo(y)e burn + -gusa, comb. form of kusa herb]
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The dried leaves of Chinese wormwood used in moxibustion.
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