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n. pl. mo·zos Southwestern US
1. A man who helps with a pack train or serves as a porter.
2. An assistant.

[Spanish, boy, servant, mozo, from Old Spanish moço, of unknown origin.]


n, pl -zos
1. (in Latin America)a male porter or servant
2. an attendant to a matador or bullfighter
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Existian dos formas de ser habilitado: como mozo colono, lo que implicaba abandonar su lugar de residencia y trasladarse con la familia a vivir en la finca, o como mozo cuadrillero, llegando a la finca temporalmente segun la demanda estacional de trabajo.
La relacion de poder entre el mozo y el patron que se practicaba en Belice no era diferente a la que prevalecia en Yucatan.
The whereabouts of missing items are inferred from the inclination of the flame towards the objects on the bilao.(68) Similar practices were witnessed by Antonio Mozo and Tomas Ortiz during the eighteenth century but, in these instances, the divinations were performed by shaking the sieve.(69) Far from being a world in which such ideas were considered to be arcane relics of customary tradition, the vicario foraneo's report suggests that many indigenous people held a more diverse world view than might be supposed from their outward adherence to Christianity.
Por otro lado "Lucia" (Michele Vieth), la mas adinerada del grupo, es una joven avergonzada de su apariencia de nina de escuda que es cortejada por "Beto" (Arath de la Torre), un joven buen mozo y hambriento de dinero.
The chefs featured are: Corrina Mozo, co-owner of Truc, in Boston; Anne Kearney of Peristyle in New Orleans, Suzanne Goin of Lucques in West Hollywood, Cal.; Diane Forley of New York's Verbena; and Alison Barshak of Venus and the Cowboy, in Philadelphia.
Presidente Playa manager, Narciso Gonzalo Mozo, replied to the Mirror's concerns by saying: "What health problems?
His other major works include Memorias de Pancho Villa (1940; Memoirs of Pancho Villa), Mina el mozo, heroe de Navarra (1932; "Mina the Youth, Hero of Navarre"), Muertes historicas(1958; "Historical Deaths"), and Cronicas de mi destierro (1963; "Chronicles of My Exile").
Puro Amor, creacion colectiva bajo la direccion de Paloma Mozo, es un espectaculo delicioso.
The Mozo team from the UAE displayed a one-metre tall teddy-bear shaped robot for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Social Deficits and Communication Difficulties symptoms that motivates them to develop social skills.
Mozo 12.30 Lingfield SP forecast 8-11 Closely related to several jumps winners and broke her duck at the first attempt when landing a 2m bumper at Uttoxeter by four lengths in May.
a private company which holds the option to acquire an undivided 80% right, title and interest in the El Mozo gold project in Ecuador, the company said.