n.1.Same as muezzin.
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For another Afghan, Abdur Rawoof Agha, who is a mu'adhdhin, listening to the Quran is the biggest passion.
He was the reciter of the people of Makka and muezzin of the Sacred Mosque "muqri' ahl Makka wa mu'adhdhin al-Masjid al-Haram" (Dhahabi, Ma'rifa, No.
Warsh was the only reciter to change hamza into a waw in (yu'akhidh, yu'akhkhir; yu'addihi (Q 3:75); yu'ayyid (Q 3:13), yu'allifu (Q 24:43); mu'ajjalan (Q 3:145); mu'adhdhin (Q 7:44 and 12:70) and wa-l-mu'allafati Q ); e.