muay thai

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mu·ay thai

 (mo͞o′ī′ tī′)
A form of kickboxing that is traditional in Thailand and includes blows using the elbow and knee.

[Thai muai thai : muai, boxing + thai, Thai.]
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Muay Thai

(ˈmuːeɪ ˈtaɪ)
(Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) a martial art developed in Thailand in which blows may be struck with the fists, elbows, knees, and shins
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Muay Thai
Muay Thai
muaj-tajotaja piedboksado
Muay thai
Muay ThaiThaiboksen
boks tajski
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of Thailand and the Royal Thai Embassy in Doha, in co-operation with Evolve: Mind Body Soul, the roadshow is sure to further boost the interest and excitement that already surrounds Muay Thai in Qatar.
MUAY Thai boxer Jack Twigge (orange shorts) from COREFITUK gym in Sutton Coldfield, is now ranked seventh in Great Britain in the bantamweight division, after a series of huge wins.
Chris, 21, from Scholes, will travel to Cyprus in November as part of the England Muay Thai Federation Team.
The 26-year-old professional Muay Thai fighter from Gosforth has been crowned ISKA European champion at 53.5kgs after securing her second boxing belt.
ONE of the most feared Muay Thai boxers in the world will adopt Scotland as his home country when he faces UK No.1 Greg 'The Prodigy' Wootton.
Iran, for example, salutes traditional wrestling in the form of Varzesh-e Bastani; Brazil, Capoeira; Japan, Sumo; Korea, Taekwondo; and Thailand, its violent and raucous form of full-contact prize-fighting pugilism, Muay Thai. Each of these martial sports is widely regarded in some way as de facto emblematic of the national culture from which it has emerged, and each may enjoy some sort of de jure governmental recognition or sponsorship in addition to its cultural popularity.
Another Muay Thai tournament, Kunlun Fight 11, was held in Macao on October 5, according to the Kyrgyz Muay Thai Federation.
by Javed Hamim Kakar on 4 May, 2014 - 12:08 KABUL (Pajhwok): Afghanistan defeated Finland in a Muay Thai international contest in Malaysia, the National Olympic Committee (NOC) said on Sunday.
TEESSIDE University students have been putting their dukes up and getting involved in combat sport Muay Thai.
BEN MOLLOY is ditching his professional career as a Muay Thai boxer to power his way to a professional football contract.
With worries growing about bulging waistlines, many foreigners are flocking to Thailand to spend their holidays not on the beach, but in a humid gym to follow a punishing regime of training in Muay Thai and other martial arts.
The art of eight limbs Thailand is home to a flourishing Muay Thai training industry that welcomes thousands of guests every year, thanks in part to the popularity of mixed martial arts, which combines striking and grappling techniques.